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The Anchor Circulation System
When it comes to how easy it is to maintain one pool v.s another one of the most important aspects is the placement of the skimmers and returns, and how the plumbing to the equipment is engineered.
Fact : all dirt and debris that settles on your pool steps, ledges, benches ,and floor was at one time floating on top of your pool water.
Logic : removing that floating debris from the water surface before it sinks will result in a cleaner pool and less maintenance.
3 years of development and experimental recirculation systems finally produced the Exclusive Anchor Clean Surface System. Because every pool is not the same size and shape, and each pools surrounding environment and placement is unique, Anchors exclusive engineered Surface Clean System is custom designed for every pool we build. The Anchor Surface Clean System keeps the pool water surface clean and free of floating debris as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our total recirculation system also includes dual drains at the deeper end of all our pool systems and we include a dedicated plumbing line from the pool to the filter system for the installation of a pressure powered pool cleaner.

The Anchor Equipment System
All pool companies can choose to install equipment from any manufacturer. So what is the criteria typically used to choose one manufacturers product over another? Typically products are chosen based on a low price and the relationship the pool company has with the manufacturers rep. Anchor, however, selects equipment based on the following criteria:
•Equipment lifespan until repair or replacement is needed •Energy efficiency •Water quality •Field testing and experience by service personnel •Ease of maintenance
Based on this criteria, Anchor installs the following equipment system:
•Sta-Rite Maxi-Therm heater •Sta-Rite M120 or M150 element filter •Sta-Rite Maxipro or Maxiflo pump •Pentair Easy Touch or Intellitouch digital controls

Our equipment is professionally installed on a solid 4” concrete pad, placed so that it is easily accessible for service. It is plumbed with PVC valves and rigid PVC pipe and pressure fittings. Our gas lines are rigid gas pipe and fittings above ground and approved poly gas pipe underground with approved gas risers. All of our electric work is performed by our licensed electrician. 

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