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After taking all additional factors into consideration, you should be able to have some understanding of how much your cost will go beyond just the price of a pool. While it's an exciting time planning for your pool, it's important to understand all the pieces that go into your complete outdoor project.

Here is a list of costs to be aware of that may influence your final budget:

• Choosing a Gunite, Hybrid Polymer, or Fiberglass Pool
• Septic System Relocation
• Trucking in Water
• Extreme Grade Changes
• Any Need for Retaining Walls
• Difficult Access to Your Backyard
• Excessive Permit Requirements by Your County, Town, or Village (e.g. Stamped Engineer Plans, Grading Plans, etc.)
• Relocation of a Power Line

This information is solely intended to get you thinking about a realistic budget for your own in-ground swimming pool project. 

Anchor Spa & Pool doesn’t provide financing, but we do have a couple of recommendations for other companies you could secure financing with in-order to fund your pool project.

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