As I've been talking to many potential clients it has made me aware that most pool Inquirer's are not fully aware of how the COVID lockdowns and shutdowns have dramatically impacted our industry nationwide. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the pool industry and as a result is now affecting our scheduling for upcoming pool projects.


Most of the pool equipment and system manufacturers were shut down for months at the beginning of the season.  While manufacturers were shut down, pool builders across the country were allowed to remain open as essential businesses. This coupled with the historical demand for pools caused most distributor and manufacturer inventory to be exhausted. Once they opened back up it was on a limited basis. They had no chance to even begin restocking in order to support the historical demands of the supply chain.


 Therefore, it has been the greatest challenge to start and finish jobs on a timely basis. Many projects sit idle at times waiting for one component or another to continue construction. Pools that can be filled and running may be missing a heater, automatic cover or some other component. What used to take 5 to 6 weeks now is taking months from start to total finish.   


This situation is causing project timelines to be pushed out. Summer schedules have pushed some pools into the fall, which leads to pools from the fall being pushed to spring, and so on.  Pool contractors have little control over this situation.


As well, potential pool buyers should be aware of what the consumer demand is. Almost all reputable pool contractors are sold out for 2021. There are even a some pool contractors sold out for 2022.


With that all being said, at Anchor we have decided to take pool reservations for the 2022 schedule. A deposit and signed commitment to buy a pool will allow clients that are ready, to at least get a committed month to have their pool built in 2022. The deposit will be applied to their pool contract.


Blessings and Stay Healthy,

Larry Hayes
President of Anchor Spa & Pool


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