Despite mandates and restrictions being lifted during this time, the pandemic is not over in the contracting world. Many segments of industry are still reeling with material, product, and labor shortages. Combine this with an historical demand for many products and you have the perfect storm for price increases, material/product shortages, and extremely disappointing lead times for consumers. Some of the hardest hit areas are the Pool, Boating, RV, and Home Building/Remodeling industries. Getting on a schedule in any of these areas is usually 1 to 2+ Years. For example, at Anchor are currently sold out into Spring of 2023. 


It's difficult if not impossible to set realistic expectations, especially when the challenges do not end once a client is on a schedule. Material, product and labor shortages, and extended shipping dates are delaying projects from being started or completed beyond normal production timelines. In other words "Don't Plan A Pool or House Warming Party Until It's Done".😉 Manufacturers will give a projected shipping date and then a week before when they are contacted, notice is given that it will be 2 weeks late. Now that's not a big deal if it's April or May, but if a customer was planning a 4th of July party and now there's a 2 week delay, that's a big deal. Bottom line is that what was true yesterday is not true today. The most honest thing anyone in our industry or your contractor can say is "I don't know" because no one can know as the many moving parts of our industry do their best to recover from the pandemic.


We cannot blame anyone other than the extended causes and effects from the pandemic. Contractors want to get your job done and are doing everything within their power to get the job done, especially since the length it takes to complete your project affects their profit and how many jobs they can do. The hope is that once the job is completed, the enjoyment of your finalized project will eliminate the frustration of this abnormal time.


While this information may feel discouraging, here's a refreshing perspective from one of our clients who has been waiting on the completion of their pool during this time:


"...I understand that the supply chain is a disaster like so many other supply chains. In the grand scheme of things, waiting for my pool to be done is not an actual life problem. Hopefully it will be in by mid-July and can enjoy the pool for a couple weeks before the kids go back to school."


All of us at Anchor fully support our clients during such an unprecedented time; we live and breathe this everyday to get their projects completed. All of us at Anchor deeply appreciate our clients' steadfast patience and support!


In this together,

The Anchor Family

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