The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 rocked all of us in one way or another. For many the losses were great. Our hope and prayers are that 2021 will bring recovery, healing and and restoration in whatever form you need it the most.

For the pool industry we are making strides from the 2020 spring shutdowns in manufacturing that impacted the pool industry as a whole. This created unprecedented delays in distribution and manufacturing nationwide. Pool contractors had little control over this as factories handled shutdowns, reduced staffing, as well as other complications. However we are encouraged to see improved product timelines with many of our manufacturers for 2021.

While product availability and delivery times are improving, the historical increase in the consumer demand for pools and spas is still dramatically impacting pool company schedules for 2021 through 2022. Most if not all experienced reputable Pool Companies are sold out for 2021 and selling into 2022. If  you've found an Inground Pool Company that's telling you they'll build your pool in 2021 check their references and time in business. Also some companies may have oversold their schedule. In this case just expect that your pool may not be built until fall of 2021 or spring of 2022.

Shopping for an inground pool is now a year in advance of your desired completion date. The days of calling Pool Contractors to start a pool installation in a few months are long gone. Realistically,  if you're just now shopping for an inground pool you most likely won't be swimming in it untill a year later. But don't let that discourage you. Start the process now. This way you can have your design completed, have all your pool, fence, landscape and other contractors lined up, your selections made, and your permit in hand.

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