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About Your Anchor Warranty


Please refer to the warranty terms outlined within your contract. If you require another copy of these terms for reference, please contact our office. As stated, all warranties will be void through Anchor Spa and Pool if any other company or entity is contracted to perform services or repairs during the stated warranty period.

In-Ground Pool Closing Fees
 Prices Do NOT Include Any Chemicals to Balance Pool


Pool with Auto Cover

Pool with Mesh Safety Cover

Pool with Solid Cover

Pool with No Cover (Cleaning NOT Included)

Additional circulation lines – over 6






Water Feature Closing Fees


Auto/Fill Line

Slide Line

Deck Jets

Sheet/Waterfall Feature/Basin Lines

LED Laminar Feature
In-Floor Cleaning System Module (up to 6 lines)
Separate Water Feature Pump






Spa Closing Fees
Spas Attached to Pool System Include up to 3 Lines

Separate Spa (Same Time As Pool)
Separate Spa Only

Attached Spa (Same Time As Pool)

Attached Spa Only

Additional Attached Spa Lines – over 3
Additional Spa Pump




Above Ground Closing Fees
Prices Do NOT Include Any Chemicals to Balance Pool

With Cover

No Cover (Cleaning NOT Included)



Other Closing Fees

Additional Time for Cleaning Pools (Over 20 Minutes)

Pump Water Off Auto Cover Upon Arrival
Unable to Perform Closing Due to Chemistry


$150.00 Flat

Aquador Lid/Cover

Aquador Complete
Mesh Cover Deck Anchor Replacement
Mesh Cover Spring Replacement

SM: $27.95ea  LG: $32.95ea

SM: $115.00ea* LG: $132.00ea*

*Required Labor Included

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